Quickly create data layer specifications and automatically verify them.

Data Layer Doctor is an application to help digital marketing professionals and web developers manage their website’s data layer, so that accurate data is always sent to third party tools. It works with Google Tag Manager, Qubit and Tealium tag management systems.

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Quick start templates

Want to use Qubit’s Universal Variable or Enhanced Ecommerce with Google Tag Manger? We’ve got a tempalate for that.

Beautiful specification documents

No more difficult to understand documentation that causes developers to make errors and your projects to be delayed.

Automated testing & validation

Check that your data layer is implemented correctly with one click. An error report can be sent straight to the developers.


Quickly design your data layer using a visual editor.

We’ve designed an easy to use, yet powerful interface create your data layer objects. Heirarchical objects, lists and comments are all covered and a breeze to create. You can even create different data layer objects for different pages.

data layer placement settings


Check your output in real-time as you work.

Watch perfectly formatted JavaScript appear as you go. No more making silly JavaScript mistakes or spending hours correctly indenting code to make it readable.

data layer code


Implementation guide written automatically.

A beautifully laid out document is created, complete with JavaScript, containing all the information a developer needs to get your data layer implemented fast. Share it with developers using a URL link. No more emailing Excel spreadsheets around.

data layer documentation


Automatically check the accuracy of the implementation.

Get peace of mind that your data layer is accurate and sending the right data to your analytics tools. Produce a report in one click that can be sent to developers, describing what needs to be fixed.